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Reminds Me of That Aerosmith Album Cover

The rock pantheon has long been inundated with tales of musicians readily acquiescing to requests that they sign the breasts of female admirers, but an Irish Darkness fan took things to an entirely new level. The gent, who, to his own benefit, has chosen to remain anonymous, approached Justin Hawkins and Co. at a signing and asked them to put their collective John Hancock on a dead dog that belonged to his late grandmother. The miniature schnauzer -- which had fortunately been stuffed and preserved -- didn't offer much in the way of signing space, so drummer Ed Graham honed in on the pup's private parts, inscribing one letter of his first name on each of the little fella's testicles. We'd imagine Marilyn Manson would pay good money to be allowed such a treat . . .

-courtesy of Rolling Stone

Gotta love this band.
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