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This is a plea for help!

I am from Perth, Western Australia, and I first of all want to ask how many Perth Darkness fans there are here?

Second of all, how many of you are under 18?

Third of all, who has heard that the Darkness ARE coming to Perth but are going to Metro City?

Fourth of all, does anyone know if it's all ages?

If it's not...I am asking you all to perhaps try and locate the Darkness management's email address/and form of contact and complain request all ages gigs? I would imagine that quite a few fans are under 18 and if you're like me (17) you'd be pretty pissed off.

But yes, I ask you all to speak up, we have at least a month and a half before they come.

I had the saaaaame problem with Placebo, and it can't hurt, right?

If this post is inappropriate, just say and I will delete it straight away.

I just thought I would alert you to this situation. Under-age people miss out on gigs ALL the time and I never know if we'll see them come again. Give it a go, write to Triple J, X-Press magazine, Darkness management, anything you can think of! (Any non-Australian or over 18, feel free to help. =D)

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